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COMAT CT-System are a multifunction modular time delay relays system.


The Comat CT-System

The COMAT CT System is modular:

The time delay relays and monitoring relays consist of the plug-in Comat CT electronic module and an 11-pole Comat CT output relay.
Both system components can be combined freely with one another.
This allows the equipment to be optimally selected for specific use.
Subsequent modifications, for example a charge from mechanical contacts to solid-state outputs, are possible at any time by simple reconnection.
This provides the user with a complete, universal system, whose high flexibility is unique throughout the world.

The modules:

The system socket C12B0 serves as a basis for the vibration-free reception of the electronic module.
It has a 4-pole module slot in which the Comat CT-module –also without output relay– locks in such a way that it is vibration-free.
Contact is via twin knife contacts which ensure optimal contact reliability.
With the A2-connector C-A2 plug-in flush in the socket, the neutral conductor (N / –) can be connected as a 10A bus from socket to socket.
This considerably reduces wiring work.
Robust terminals for cross-sections up to 4mm² and generous labeling facilities are other advantages of this practical Comat system socket.
As variants to the standard socket C12B0, two identical sockets, but with printed device diagram, are available (C12B1/2).
By clearly identifying the connections, these sockets ensure rapid, error-free and therefore economical wiring.
When a service is required, they facilitate fault location.
The Comat CT module demonstrates Comat’s practical experience in the area of industrial electronics.
All control and display elements are arranged on the front and are labeled in a self explanatory manner for international use.
The values set are also clearly legible when the module has been installed.
Printed diagrams explain the functions, and the connection scheme directly indicates the appropriate terminals in the system socket.
A transparent front cover provides protection from unauthorized misadjustment and additionally locks the module onto the output relay.
Triggering is performed with the operating voltage (L1 or +). Hence, no potential-free contacts are required.
Triggering complies with the machine standards. A parallel connection of other users to B1 is admissible.
The 2 voltage ranges UC110-240V and UC24-48V have been chosen by Comat to ensure a high level of reliability in triggering.
They permit use with an AC or DC supply and optimal adaptation to the operating conditions of modern controls.
In case of an even broader voltage range, e.g. 24-240V it is often possible to achieve only currents of a few 100µA in the trigger circuit B1 with simultaneous low threshold voltages to less than 20V.
This may lead to unintentional triggering due to capacitive / inductive pickups, or faulty switching may occur owing to sufficiently loaded control contacts.
During operation, 50V are readily measured on open-ended lines.
The consumption of the Comat CT modules comes to less than 1W.
The output relays have the complete device diagram, the performance data and the complete order no. on the front, supported by a colour code, which indicates an AC coil with red and a DC coil with blue.
The .1 and .2 relays have a safety manual operation facility as a standard feature, which switches the contacts only after a lock has been released (two hand principle).
The standard contacts .1 and .3 have proved their worth millions of times in heavy current applications.
The contact material AgNi permits a large switching range and thanks to generous dimensioning achieves a high number of cycles.
With its high breaking capacity of up to 10A/400V, this contact is a reliable all round contact for use both in mains circuits and in the lower voltage range from 12V/10mA.
The twin contacts .2 and .4 switch every circuit with two independent reeds.
Compared with single contacts, they provide up to 100 times greater safety with regard to the level of possible faulty switchings.
In spite of their high breaking capacity of up to 6A/250V, these contacts are particularly suitable for low switching currents and switching voltages down to 1mA/6V.
The solid-state relays are used instead of mechanical contacts.
In the standard version .5, the relay has a potential-free output which switches an AC or DC load in the same way as a mechanical contact.
However, it functions without bounce or wear, withstands overloads, has short circuit protection and has a practically unlimited life even with full output load.
Preferred applications are high switching frequency, for example as repeat cycle timers, flashing bars with bulb load or extreme inductive loads, for example large solenoid valves, couplings, motors, etc.
An additional protective wiring of the output or of the load is not necessary in these Comat relays for any application.
They are completely insensitive in an aggressive atmosphere, for example in the chemical industry, in waste water treatment plants, etc.

Comat CT System Series Time Range Socket type Width


3 functions, voltage controlled, Output LED.


0.25s -30min socket for universal 11 pin relays 38 Any choice from Industrial Relays Series C3…

Universal Timer

7 functions, voltage controlled, time lapse display, blinking.


0.15s -60min socket for universal 11 pin relays 38 Any choice from Industrial Relays Series C3…

Universal Timer

12 functions, voltage controlled, time lapse display, blinking,
high setting accuracy by dial graduation 1:5.


30ms -60h socket for universal 11 pin relays 38 Any choice from Industrial Relays Series C3…

Universal repeat cycle timer

Pulse or pause start. t1/t2 separately set table.
Time lapse display t1/t2.


2x 50ms -60h socket for universal 11 pin relays 38 Any choice from Industrial Relays Series C3…

CT System type CT30 CT32 CT33 CT36

Typical time functions of COMAT, MULTICOMAT relays:

Delay functions:

  • E: On delay
  • A: Off delay
  • F: On and off delay

Shot timing modes:

  • W: One shot leading edge
  • N: One shot trailing edge
  • Q: One shot and trailing edge

Pulse shaping:

  • K: Pulse shaping
  • L: Pulse shaping, retrigger
  • M: Pulse shaping

Blinker functions:

  • B: Blinker, pulse start
  • B1: Blinker, pulse start, trailing pulse
  • B2: Blinker, interval start

Delayed pulse:

  • G: On delay single shot
  • H: On delay single shot

Repeat cycle timer:

  • I: Repeat cycle timer, pulse start
  • P: Repeat cycle timer, interval start

Special functions:

  • Y: Star-delta timer
  • X1: Restart delay

Pulse sequence monitoring:

  • U: Pulse sequence monitoring
  • V: Pulse sequence monitoring

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