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Overview of Interface Relays and AUTO ON OFF Relay COMAT CINT CHA1 C10 KDM3-24 C12

COMAT Interface relays

Interface Relays

to connect PLC Inputs / Outputs.
The most types are with a integrated LED, switching module and screw terminals or cage clamp terminals.
General information about RELECO Relays series MRC, QRC, IRC

Interface relays Series Socket type Width

Interface Module extra small


DIN 35 6.2 1 changeover contact 6A

Interface Module, 2-pole


DIN 35 14 2-change over Interface module 2-pole CINT 8A



DIN 35 11.5 1 changeover contact 10A

Plug-in interface relay
1-pole, RELECO


socket for square base relays 15.6 1 changeover contact 10A

Plug-in interface relay
2-pole, RELECO


Interface-Socket CS-112 17 2-change over Interface relais C12 5A

Interface module KDM


socket for square base relays 22.5 HL-1-DC-Kontakt 3A / 10… 32V

All relays … (selected by type):

Industrial, interface and installation relays: Timers: Monitoring relays: Compact PLC:
Interface relays

Miniature industrial relays

Standard industrial relays

Industrial relays LONG LIFE

DIN Relays

Solid-state relays (SSR)

Miniature Contactor

Step-on Step-off / Power Relays

Staircase Lighting Timer

Installation Relays for central control
Plug-in time cubes for industrial relays

The Comat CT System

Plug-in time relays

DIN time relays

Multicomat Programmable Plug-in
time delay relays RS, C, CX-series

Multicomat specially timers, Amplifier Relays,
Pulse Shapers, Preset Counters
Voltage monitor

Current monitoring relays

Three-phase monitoring

DC voltage / DC current monitor

Thermo protection relays

SMS Relay
Comat BoxX

more relays type … (alphabetical):

A… up to B…
BoxX controller, Relays, Time Delay Relays, Stair case lighting timer
C… up to C5…
Power miniature relays, LONG LIFE signal and control relays, Time Delay Relays
C6… up to C9…
Timers, Relays, Time Delay Relays, Miniature industrial relay, Control relay
CA… up to CY…
Relays, Time Delay Relays, voltage and current monitor, interface relays
E… up to Z…
Railway Relays, Time Delay Relays, Measuring and monitoring equipments, Thermo protection relay
List of replacement and compatible industry, control, monitoring, time delay relays, sockets MULTICOMAT, COMAT Functions and descriptions for time delay relays Data sheets, documentations and catalogs about products BoxX controller, EDL, Timers, Industrial relays, Monitoring relays, Compact Controller

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